Seneghe and environs

An oasis of peace and silence in Sardinia

Seneghe lies 305 metres above sea level, nestling on the south-eastern outcrop of Montiferru, the most extensive mountain massif of volcanic origin to be found in Sardinia, at a short distance from the coast of Mar di Sardegna. Seneghe is logistic convenient as it lies only 8 km from the highway. Over the village lies the massif of the Montiferruthat, with its majestic oak forests and deep gorges, runs to the West towards the sea. A quiet and silent location, perfect for trekking, horse-riding and mountain biking. Should the weather not be ideal, you can always go shopping in Oristano or visit the traditional artisan shops of Santu Lussurgiu famous for their knives, or of Samugheo the "capital" of textiles craft.

The picturesque town, the beaches and the tourist attractions

Just 19 to 34 km away (about 20-35 minutes drive) are located the wild, unspoiled beaches of the Sinis peninsula. Here you find a dramatic escape made of brilliant sand and turquois sea. Even under the water there is much to admire…


Next a selection of the most popular beaches in Sardinia and their distance from our holiday apartments:

S'ARCHITTU19 km23 min
26 km31 min
MARI ERMI35 km42 min
IS ARUTAS34 km38 min
MAIMONI33 km36 min


The town of Seneghe counts few more than 2000 inhabitants; the local economy is sustained by means of agriculture, cattle - and sheep rearing and the age-old, typically Mediterranean cultivation of the olive tree - present in Sardinia for as long as memory goes back. It is not uncommon to find thousand-year-old specimens scattered throughout the island.

The historic centre conserves its patrimony of countless ancient houses; built in basalt with thick, stonework walls and small windows, some of which retain their splendid tuff-stone arched lintels decorated in Gothic-Catalano style, the latter inherited from the Spaniard domain of the island, which lasted more than three hundred years.

In the surrounding territory of the township there are the remains of more than 90 nuraghi, Neolithic and megalithic sites, Punic, Roman, and medieval settlements. From Mount “Sos Paris”, the highest part of the territory which rises to 800 metres above sea level, on clearer days the view spreads fromCapo Caccia in the north, as far as Capo Pecorna in the south, as well as towards the mainland, with a view that embraces the plains of Campidano di Oristano framed by the mountain combs of Gennargentu, Monte Grighine, Monte Arci and Monte Linas.

The hillside oak and cork-oak woods of the township are an ideal venue for nature lovers, trekkers, hikers and mountain bikers; en route along innumerable tracks and footpaths that wind through the dense, leafy canopy.

The township of Seneghe is one of the founder members of the chain “Città dell’Olio”, an association that incorporates the most renowned Italian production centres of superior quality extravergine olive oil, and each year hosts the annual competition “Concorso Montiferru dell’olio extravergine d’oliva”, an important event that claims the participation of numerous Italian and  foreign olive oil producers.

Another annual event, “Prentzas Apertas” or “open doors”, takes place on the last Sunday of November, in concurrence with the harvesting of the olives; Seneghe’s antique frantoi or olive-oil mills open their doors to visitors and the producers present their products, accompanied by entertainment organized by the local cultural associations with performances of folklore music and Sardinian canto, photo expositions and  exhibitions.

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Some popular tourist attractions in the environs:

  • Nuraghi in Seneghe
  • Romanesque church in Bonarcado
  • Santa Cristina
  • Nuraghe Losa
  • Ruins of Tharros in San Giovanni Sinis
  • Giant statues at Monte Prama in the Sinis peninsula (discovered recently)